Leather craft workshop

New skills and useful experiences!

In workshop you can get familiar with all sorts of leather work tools and methods, make some kind of item out of vegetable tanned leather all by yourself. That item you want to make has to be agreed before the workshop so we can make necessary preparations. Bigger items can take several hours and even days but smaller items like a wristband or a watch strap, card case, small pouch or even a belt can be made in a few hours.

Workshop is suitable for little ones and for adults. Wanakuramus will oversee everything and everyone and gives necessary guidelines when needed – no one will fail in this mission.

Workshop at shoe and bag boutique.

Order leather craft workshop!

If you wish to order our workshop then you may reach us by writing at: wanakuramus@nahakamber.ee, let us know what wouldyou like to craft out of leather and how many participants would there be. Other details will be discussed in future e-mails.

Well made, durable and beautiful leather goods