Leather bags for tools

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  • Dark brown leather messenger bagDark brown leather messenger bag
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    These leather shoulder bags are made for some sort of special items.

    It is suitable to mention here some sort of special tools or gear. To have a well organized bag and to give you an instant overview of your tools or gear, it is possible to make a special sort of bag that fits all those items in orderly manner.

    Take a look at our photos in gallery (in enlarged view) so that you can read the specific descriptions and get an idea of the measurements and other specific details.

    Order leather bag

    Leather shoulder bag will be made accordingly to the measurements and other details provided by you.
    As these are made to order leather bags, it is not possible to name a price here as this will be calculated depending on the material cost and workload.

    If you wish to order a special purpose leather bag, please make a start by providing us some details at first:

    • What would you like to have this bag made for? What are those items that you wish to fit in it? This gives us the opportunity to think with you and offer you best solutions based on our experience and knowledge of the materials we use.
    • If you already have some sort of imagination how the items should be placed (may be because in which order you usually need to get them or something like that), then describe your vision to us? Also, you are most welcome to add a simple descriptive drawing for better explanation (really simple drawing will suffice perfectly).
    • What color would you like for your bag?
    • Would you prefer seams or lacing?
    • Should we plan some sort of hand carved image or pattern onto the leather bag as a decoration?
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  • Leather knife rollLeather knife roll inside
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    With this kind of leather knife roll you can take all your knives safely – wherever you’re heading – with you.

    We offer different styles and sizes for knife rolls.

    One possibility for the knife roll is where the knives are inserted into the pockets by handles. In this case the blades will be covered with the flap and rolled up. Bag will be fastened by two straps with buckles and this sort of bag may also have a shoulder strap and a handle.

    Another style is where the knives are inserted into the pockets by blades. In this case every seam of every pocket has additional thick leather strap sewn in to prevent the blades cutting into the seams. Suitably longer back of the knife roll will be folded back over the handles of the knives and then rolled up. This sort of knife roll is fastened by leather strap (on the photos) but might also be made with a strap and buckle.

    All details for your knife roll will be discussed – you may choose and change any aspect of your bag as you see fit.

    Order leather knife roll

    Let us know what sort of knife roll would you like. You may freely mark anything that pops to your mind at first and we shall ask additional questions when we need more information, so don’t worry if you might miss something.

    Here are some small notes to help you get started:

    • What sort of knife roll would you like? Should the knives be attached by handles or blades? How many knives would you like to fit into the bag?
    • Would you like additional (zippered) pockets?
    • Would you like to have a handle and a shoulder strap for your bag?
    • What color would you like?
    • Shall we plan some sort of image or pattern for a decoration?
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