Leather straps for various purposes

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  • Leather shoulder strapsLeather shoulder straps
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    Hand crafted vegetable tanned leather straps for a shoulder bag.

    These leather straps on this photo are made to order. The length of the shoulder strap may be adjusted by metal buckle and strap attaches to the bag by metal hooks. Straps also have a pad that helps to disperse the weight on the shoulder.

    Style and measurements here are just for an example. You may order shoulder strap in any size or color, also with or without carvings. It is also possible to choose the color of the metal parts (we like brass but there is also silver and sometimes black colored parts available).

    We also consider the weight the straps should carry – so should you. It might look pretty to have a narrow strap for your bag but how big is your bag and how much weight do you carry in it? This may be sometimes solved with double layered strap to improve the durability of the shoulder strap.
    Double layered strap with seams (we do not just glue them) may be also desired for style.

    Order leather shoulder strap

    For ordering the strap, please let us know first what sort of strap are you looking for, so we may discuss all the details.

    • How wide should the shoulder strap be?
    • Should the strap’s length be adjustable by metal buckle or would you like the strap in certain legth?
    • How long should the strap be? For adjustable strap please name the distance (for example: 100-120cm)
    • Would you like the straps with pads for dispersing the weight?
    • Please describe the weight the straps should tolerate. This is not necessary if you have a really small bag but very important for bigger briefcases or shoulder bags.
    • What color would you like?
    • Would you like hand carved images as decorations for your strap?
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  • Leather collar for a dogLeather collar for a dog
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    Hand crafted vegetable tanned leather collars for pets.

    Leather collars with suitable metal buckle. For decoration we offer hand carved images. This could be also pet’s name and may be add a phone number of the owner, so if it goes for a longer walk the finder could easily get in touch.

    Leather collars may be made heavier versions that are also suitable for walking strap and can tolerate stronger pulling but we also offer lighter collars that are more suitable as decorations (but with important information).

    In addition o carvings and colors we also offer rivets that may be used as decorations.

    We have no limitations for styles or measurements so you’re welcome to provide your own details for the collar.

    Order leather collar

    • Describe us what sort of collar would you like?
    • Let us know how big is the animal and how do you plan to use the collar (just informational purpose or also walking the animal).
    • What is the circumference of the neck that the collar has to be suited for?
    • How wide should the collar be?
    • Would you like hand carved images as decorations for your strap?
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  • Leather straps set for Roorkhee chair, natural finish.Leather straps set for Roorkhee chair, natural finish.
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    We have lots of encounters of customers sending us orders for straps. Then we agree on the measurements and we always do not even know hat for are those straps made for. But other times we understand perfectly.

    If you wish to order leather straps, then you’re at the right spot. We offer them in any size, color and make. Sometimes it is as easy as just giving us some measurements and sometimes we need a bit more information so we may make them suited for the purpose.

    Order leather straps

    Let us know what sort of leather straps are you looking for and we will ask for additional information if we need it.
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    Additional products for straps

    Among these photos above you’ll find straps for a Roorkhee chair. We will be glad to offer you the whole set for your campaign chair, if you wish.

  • Leather ski bindings
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    Vegetable tanned leather ski bindings for metal ski clamps.

    If you need bindings for similar ski clamps as on this photo, then it is best to sent those clamps over by post. This is because some of the straps need to be attached to the clamps and we get best results if we work with exact measurements taken off the exact item. The bindings on the photo are made so.

    It is of course possible just to order the straps and attach them by yourself later. In this case please take all the measurements for the straps. We may discuss this in future e-mails so all the details will be clear and understood. In this case please provide us photo of the clamps, so we may ask for more information.
    For ski bindings we use the sort of metal buckles that are a bit curved. These make it easier to close and open the straps and the overall look is smoother and nicer.

    Order leather ski bindings

    Let us know what sort of bindings do you need and how would you like to proceed – send us the clamps or start measuring?
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  • Hanging coat rack
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    For these kinds of straps you can choose the length and width of the straps. The straps can be made so that the height can be adjusted.
    Straps for the hanger can be decorated with hand carved images or patterns and even painted in multiple colors.

    See more details

    Order leather straps for hanging hanger

    For these straps we will agree on all the details in future a-mails. First we would like to know more about the straps you ate looking for:
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