Leather costume for a fire artist Freya Danger

Leather costume includes top, wristbands and armor- like belt. The set was created by keeping in mind the show that was planned by the artist at that time – she was compiling a Viking themed fire and dance show.
Costume is handmade out of vegetable tanned leather, in addition we used some metal parts (rivets, loops, buckles) and strong waxed thread.

Freya Danger dances along with various styles of music and has compiled fantastic shows of belly dance and fire art. See Freya’s performances.

And these interesting and very beautiful jewelry that you can see on these photos are created by jewelry artist Keiu Koppel. Keiu uses various curious metals for her art and other surprising materials – for example take a look at “Created landscapes” and “Lost In Details”.

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Leather costume for fire artist Freya Danger
Leather costume for fire artist Freya Danger
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