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Summer footwear

Summer footwear. Handmade.
Summer footwear

These summer footwear are made out of ca 4mm thick vegetable tanned leather. They have double leather soles.Straps are made of 2mm vegetable tanned leather and decorated with hand carved pattern. Leather sraps are sewn between soles, then soles are glued and sewn.Sewings are done with waxed thread, dyed with leather dye. Finished with neatsfoot oil and bag-kote.

This kind of sandals need also rubber soles for durability.

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Vegetable tanned leather apparel

In our workshop every item, every last detail, is handcrafted. For our crafts we use only full- grain vegetable tanned leather. Your ordered item will also be made by hand and out of top quality leather.

I am sure you agree that there are endless options for apparel and this is why it is not possible to offer here very specific instructions for what details we need for your order. So just let us know what would you like and we will discuss everything in future letters. So if you have some project on your mind:

Let us know about your wishes!

  • Write to us what would you like to order, in what size should it be and add all other details you can think of.
    If we find that there is something that needs to be specified, we will discuss it in the future letters.
  • What color would you like?
  • Should we plan some sort of hand carved image or pattern onto the leather as a decoration? (That could be almost anything you can imagine).

Let us know how can we contact you:

How can we help you? Ask a question or write us about your wishes:

Don’t worry, we respond to letters very quickly!

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