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Leather briefcases

All our briefcases are handmade from start to finish, out of full grain vegetable tanned leather.
We can cut out of the leather any shape in any size and this is how you can get a briefcase that suits exactly to your needs.

Briefcase with many pockets in dark brown
Briefcase with many pockets in dark brown

We offer very big and capacious briefcases as well smaller, lighter ones. All these briefcases are made of well chosen leather, so even the lighter ones aren’t soft and fragile accessories but ment to carry the weight you load in and keep all your valuable items safe from weather and even from possible contusions.

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Handmade leather briefcases and laptop bags

Capacious briefcases with large wide pockets

This briefcase is very suitable if you often carry along bigger items or wish to also pack some clothing in addition to your laptop and other things for a short trip.

In comparison to the briefcase with many pockets, that shines because of many separate spaces, this briefcase has big and wide pockets. Smaller items won’t tstill be lost somewhere in that universe as they can be put to the side pockets. These are also accessible when the main part of the bag is closed and you won’t miss a phone call, you’ll find your keys in blink of an eye and your wallet is always in your reach.

Leather briefcase in medium brown
Leather briefcase in medium brown

Well chosen leather makes a strong briefcase

This kind of briefcase can carry a lot of weight. As we choose quite thick leather for our briefcases, the bootom of the bag won’t be bowed down. These are not soft and fragile leather bags but real workforces. Briefcase has a strong proper grip, that can be grabed also while wearing cloves and a wide shoulder strap with a patch, that attaches to the briefcase with metal carabines. Carabines meet with riveted metal loops on the sides of the briefcase. This way the bag is lifted from the sides and makes the whole thing even stronger. Wide strap won’t be painfully pressing into your shoulder.

Measurements of this breifcase

When you order with us, you can choose all measurements for your briefcase.
And on these photos there are briefcases in various sizes. To give you some sort of understanding – they’re mostly about 40cm wide and 30cm deep.

They are different also by sideways. If you wish to have side pockets for your briefcase, then we do not suggest to make the side less than 10cm wide. Under that measurement the pocket will be quite narrow, so it wouldn’t be possible to put your hand in it very easily any more. It doesn’t matter of coutse, if you plan to put something taller and narrower in it (flashlight perhaps?) that you can reach with few fingers.

Side pocket wouldn’t be the only solution for creating smaller spaces for this briefcase. Forexample we could also divide the front pocket or add a pocket onto the flap.

Leather briefcase in medium brown
Leather briefcase in medium brown

Briefcase with many pockets

If you need to take a lot with you, then this briefcase with many pockets has been made just for that. Bearing in mind to fit a lot and still get a well organized briefcase, that every item you need to carry with you had a special place in the bag.

Pockets in a right size for a wallet and a phone, place for an ID card so it could be quickly found, pocket for pencils, notebook, battery bank, some memory sticks and keys – everything can be spread between the pockets on the front of the briefcase.

Most of the front pockets are reachable even when the briefcase is closed on the top. So for example if you wanted to quickly buy something on your way, you can get to your wallet without any need to anatomize your briefcase to it’s very least bone.

Under the flap there are two large satchels that could be used for example for your laptop and accessories, maybe some documents and other bigger things. In comparison with these capacious leather briefcases, this briefcase shines because of the amount of separate compartments.

Leather briefcase with many pockets
Leather briefcase with many pockets

Load-bearing capacity of the briefcase

The briefcase with many pockets has an adjustable shoulder strap, that attaches to the briefcase with carbines. You can carry a lot of weight in this bag and this kind of strap attachment supports the load-bearing capacity.

It also has a strong handle that is comfortable to crab even when wearing winter cloves.

Measurements of this leather briefcase

When we’ll be making a briefcase for you, we will agree on every measurement so the briefcase will be suitable for your needs. But, just to make these photos even more descriptive and clear, here are the measurements used for this briefcase:

The leather briefcase has two large chambers inside. Depending, on how the contents are placed, the width (8cm) can be split between two chambers. Measurements taken from inside the briefcase are 38cm x 29,5cm + 8cm.

The briefcase has two large pockets in the front (13,5×19,5+3cm). They’re made so, both of them have a separate pocket behind the large pocket. All these pockets are accessible even if the flap is closed off. The flaps are held on with metal buttons.

Above the front pockets, under the flap, there are two smaller pockets (10,4cm x 10,9cm), that can fit cards, USB-sticks etc.

Briefcase with many pockets in dark brown
Briefcase with many pockets in dark brown

Smaller briefcases, laptop bags

These leather briefcase suit you well if you don’t have very large items to carry along but you still would like to fit a laptop and files and folders in it.

There is enough room to fit in laptop, folders and additional accessories like charger, maybe even mouse and headphones.

This kind of a briefcase can be made with one large or two large pockets. In many cases we have also added some smaller inner pockets – this way there’s special place for smaller items like phone, keys and wallet.

Smaller briefcase is as strong and durable as any bigger one

Do not underestimate these because of the name. As any other item here, these briefcases are made out of full grain vegetable tanned leather and sewn with extra strong waxed thread. We have followed same rules we have for all bags, when working on these – a proper bag can’t simply be weaker than it is possible to load it up. As our other briefcases – the one with many pockets and the capacious one – these smaller bags have been made to last and serve for many years to come.

Briefcases have a strong shoulder strap, attached level- headedly. Strap pulls the bag from sides – it attaches to the bag by metal carabines that meet riveted metal loops on bags sides. The strap is wide enough to not to hurt you while you’re carrying the full loaded briefcase on your shoulder. There is also an option to add a leather patch to the strap to make it more comfortable.


When ordering with us, you can choose your own size for your briefcase.
These breafcases are about 40cm wide and 30cm deep. To hold your laptop neatly in place there are several options – to include special inner pockets, adjust the side measurement so the laptop fits exactly into the place and won’t flap around in your bag – or, we could also use special straps inside the bag.

Womens yellow leather briefcase with floral carvings
Womens yellow leather briefcase with floral carvings

About making leather briefcases

Handmade out of full grain leather

All our briefcases are hand crafted out of genuine, full grain vegetable tanned leather. All pieces needed for a briefcase are also cut out by hand and handsewn. We haven’t chosen this way for us because of all the romantic reasons you could imagine, but because this way we can achieve more – we can do anything and everything and all this is not possible by mass-production machines.

Measurements and count of pockets

You may order a briefcase in any size you like. As mentioned above, everything is cut out by hand and this way we have no limits for measurements, style or shapes. All photos of our works you can see on these pages are ment for an inspiration but they are not set as a limit – everything can be adjusted as requested.

Carved images and patterns

In addition we offer hand carved images for your new leather briefcase (or any other item). That could be almost anything you like. It may also be something you have drawn up yourself. If you don’t have any certain image or pattern on your mind, you can leave the decision about that for us or you could just mention some symbols, signs or other you would like to see on the final image or find from the pattern and we will include all your wishes. Some customers have also decided on carved initials, names and even a bit longer well- wishes etc. Carvings are not mandatory of course.

Colors and finishes

We have lot’s of beautiful colors – you’ll surely find a favourite amongst them. All dyes we use for our crafts are high quality and specially ment for this kind of leather. These dyes sink into the surface od the leather – they won’t rub off or crack. All briefcases are also always finished with water repellent and beeswax mix. All our crafted leather goods are always finished correctly – there are never any “hairy” edges. This is not only the question of aesthetics but these unfinished “hairy” edges are acting as sponges on a rainy day and we wouldn’t like to invite the humidity into the leather.

Seams and lacing

Leather pieces for a briefcase can be put together by seams (with a very strong waxed thread) or leather lacing. If you choose an alternating color for a thread or lace, it is possible to achieve interesting and unique styles like this as well. Also – there are various beautiful lacing techniques and lacing acts as a decoration itself as well.

Fastenings and other metal parts for a briefcase

For fastening the briefcase we can offer metal buckles, bag locks. The choice of the fastening should be decided beforehand by the size and purpose of the briefcase. For example, the magnet lock for a large briefcase that will be carried also by handle is not a suitable choice but it will be perfectly fine for a smaller bag.

We also offer metal buckles for shoulder straps so the length could be adjusted. All outer corners of bigger bags and briefcases are also riveted for extra durability.

Order leather briefcase

In our workshop every item, every smallest detail, is hand crafted. For our crafts we use only full- grain vegetable tanned leather. Your ordered briefcase will also be made by hand and out of top quality leather.

Let us know about your wishes!

  • What should be the approximate measurements for your briefcase? You can decide that on the largest item you wish to fit in it.
  • How many additional separate pockets would you like?
  • Lacing or seams with a very strong waxed thread? Both are very durable and strong solutions.
  • Would you like to have a shoulder strap that can be attached by the carabines? What sort of locks would you prefer? Would you like a handle for your briefcase?
  • What colour would you like?
  • Should we plan some sort of hand carved image or pattern onto the leather as a decoration? (That could be almost anything you can imagine).
Leather briefcase with four pockets
Leather briefcase with four pockets

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More leather bags and briefcases

We offer all sorts of leather bags and briefcases in any size, shape, colour and with any carving you could imagine.

You may browse through our galleries and you’ll find suitable leather bags for men and women and some of these are made for special purposes as well.

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