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All our briefcases are handmade from start to finish, out of full grain vegetable tanned leather.
We can cut out of the leather any shape in any size and this is how you can get a briefcase that suits exactly to your needs.

Briefcase with many pockets in dark brown
Briefcase with many pockets in dark brown

We offer very big and capacious briefcases as well smaller, lighter ones. All these briefcases are made of well chosen leather, so even the lighter ones aren’t soft and fragile accessories but ment to carry the weight you load in and keep all your valuable items safe from weather and even from possible contusions.

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Handmade leather briefcases and laptop bags

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About making leather briefcases

Handmade out of full grain leather

All our briefcases are hand crafted out of genuine, full grain vegetable tanned leather. All pieces needed for a briefcase are also cut out by hand and handsewn. We haven’t chosen this way for us because of all the romantic reasons you could imagine, but because this way we can achieve more – we can do anything and everything and all this is not possible by mass-production machines.

Measurements and count of pockets

You may order a briefcase in any size you like. As mentioned above, everything is cut out by hand and this way we have no limits for measurements, style or shapes. All photos of our works you can see on these pages are ment for an inspiration but they are not set as a limit – everything can be adjusted as requested.

Carved images and patterns

In addition we offer hand carved images for your new leather briefcase (or any other item). That could be almost anything you like. It may also be something you have drawn up yourself. If you don’t have any certain image or pattern on your mind, you can leave the decision about that for us or you could just mention some symbols, signs or other you would like to see on the final image or find from the pattern and we will include all your wishes. Some customers have also decided on carved initials, names and even a bit longer well- wishes etc. Carvings are not mandatory of course.

Colors and finishes

We have lot’s of beautiful colors – you’ll surely find a favourite amongst them. All dyes we use for our crafts are high quality and specially ment for this kind of leather. These dyes sink into the surface od the leather – they won’t rub off or crack. All briefcases are also always finished with water repellent and beeswax mix. All our crafted leather goods are always finished correctly – there are never any “hairy” edges. This is not only the question of aesthetics but these unfinished “hairy” edges are acting as sponges on a rainy day and we wouldn’t like to invite the humidity into the leather.

Seams and lacing

Leather pieces for a briefcase can be put together by seams (with a very strong waxed thread) or leather lacing. If you choose an alternating color for a thread or lace, it is possible to achieve interesting and unique styles like this as well. Also – there are various beautiful lacing techniques and lacing acts as a decoration itself as well.

Fastenings and other metal parts for a briefcase

For fastening the briefcase we can offer metal buckles, bag locks. The choice of the fastening should be decided beforehand by the size and purpose of the briefcase. For example, the magnet lock for a large briefcase that will be carried also by handle is not a suitable choice but it will be perfectly fine for a smaller bag.

We also offer metal buckles for shoulder straps so the length could be adjusted. All outer corners of bigger bags and briefcases are also riveted for extra durability.

Order leather briefcase

In our workshop every item, every smallest detail, is handcrafted. For our crafts we use only full- grain vegetable tanned leather. Your ordered briefcase will also be made by hand and out of top quality leather.

Let us know about your wishes!

  • What would be the biggest item in your briefcase? By that we can adjust the overall size of the bag.
  • How many items would you like to place separately in additional smaller pockets? That could be your phone or keys, wallet, glasses, pencils ets. By that we can adjust the size and amount of additional smaller pockets inside and outside of your briefcase.
  • Lacing or seams with a very strong waxed thread? Both are very durable and strong solutions.
  • Would you also like a handle and/or a shoulder strap? Should the strap be attached by carabines, how long should it be?
  • What color would you like?
  • Should we plan some sort of hand carved image or pattern onto the leather as a decoration? (That could be almost anything you can imagine).

Leather items have a very long lifetime. Ordering with us gives you an opportunity to get a bag that meets all your needs. You’ll enjoy this briefcase for many years to come.

If you like, you may read more about making the briefcases, so you can have more information about all the choices we offer for your new briefcase.

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Leather bags and briefcases

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