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Small leather bags

Lightweight and comfortable little leather bags – stick in your phone, keys and wallet and you’re ready to go!

These bags have two pockets that can be closed under the same flap. For a lock we have used the metal bag lock and shoulder straps attach to the bags by small metal carabines. Interesting thing about these bags is, that some of them have been made so that they can also be worn as belt bags. For that option the bag has a special loop on the back side or special shorter attachable straps for the belt.

Small shoulder bags for men and women

Measurements, custom sizes

Measurements for these bags vary and you can get more information from image descriptions. When ordering, you can specify suitable measurements for your bag.

Order leather bag

In our workshop every item, every smallest detail, is handcrafted. For our crafts we use only full- grain vegetable tanned leather. Your ordered bag will also be made by hand and out of top quality leather.

Let us know about your wishes!

  • What should be the approximate measurements for your bag?
  • How many additional separate pockets would you like?
  • Lacing or seams with a very strong waxed thread? Both are very durable and strong solutions.
  • Would you like to have a shoulder strap that can be attached by the carabines? What sort of locks would you prefer?
  • What color would you like?
  • Should we plan some sort of hand carved image or pattern onto the leather as a decoration? (That could be almost anything you can imagine).

Handmade small leather messenger bag in dark brown.
Small leather messenger bag with two pockets

Leather items have a very long lifetime. Ordering with us gives you an opportunity to get a bag that meets all your needs for such a great item as a leather bag can be and that serves you for many years to come.

Let us know how can we contact you:

How can we help you? Ask a question or write us about your wishes:

Don’t worry, we respond to letters very quickly!

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