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Camera straps

Full grain leather straps for cameras! There are no restrictions on sizes (legth or width) and we offer various beautiful colors. All straps will be handmade and the model will be agreed with the customer. Also, if you wish, we can add some hand carved images or patterns for your new strap.

Leather camera straps and body covers

Order new strap and/ or cover for camera

For a new camera strap

When ordering with us, you can always choose and decide on many details:

  • The length and width for the new strap.
  • Should the strap be a bit adjustable (by a small metal buckle)?
  • What color would you like?
  • Should we plan some sort of image or sign as a hand carved decoration for your strap?

For a new body cover

It would be best if you sent us first few images of your camera and the exact model so we can research a bit if and how we could achieve the best outcome.

Let us know how can we contact you:

How can we help you? Ask a question or write us about your wishes:

Don’t worry, we respond to letters very quickly!

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There are many hobbies and occupations and on these days there are many other sorts of things that are tools for some people – we have crafted helpful leather goods for many craftsmen, photographers, cooks and for some the most used tool is he’s laptop!