Leather key holders and key cases

Key tails with interesting carvings, key holders with a snap for wearing on the belt and key cases that keep your keys from scratching other items in your purse, bag or pocket.

Making leather key holders

Attachable key holder

This kind of key holder can be hanged onto the belt and keys will hang into the pocket.
If we add a sanp to the holder, then it can be very easily removed from the belt. In this case you can choose if the key holder should also have a small carabine for a key ring, other ways the key ring can be attached directly to the key holder.

As there can be a small carabine attached to the holder, then the snap isn’t of course mandatory because the keys can be removed from the carabine. This is suitable when you don’t need to remove the whole holder from the belt.

Key keepers

This kind of holder doesn’t have any special functions but is distinguished because of the carvings we will add as per your wishes.
Key tale that can be decorated with any sort of carving you can imagine – name, sign. symbol, initials or a small image. This will be a nice memento or a gift. Key tail will be two- sided and leather pieces will be sewn together so it will have more distinguished look and feel. Also it will last much longer like this.

Key cases

The key cases with a strap on the photos have been made in 6×10 cm and 8x12cm. If there aren’t any specially long and big keys, then smaller case fits 4- 5 keys just fine. This kind of case can also be worn on the belt.

There is also another variation available – small little pouch for keys. It is possible to add a leather strap to the bottom of the pouch (inside) for the key ring.

Named sizes are not any sort of limit – we can make a case in any size you like.

Order key holder, key case

In our workshop every item, every smallest detail, is handcrafted. For our crafts we use only full- grain vegetable tanned leather. Your ordered key holder or case will also be made by hand and out of top quality leather.

Let us know about your wishes!

  • Let us know what sort of key holder would you like?
  • What color would you like?
  • Should we plan some sort of hand carved image or pattern onto the leather as a decoration? (That could be almost anything you can imagine).
Leather key cases - blue and yellow
Leather key cases – blue and yellow

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Leather cases and pouches

We offer many sorts of handmade leather cases and pouches. Every item will be crafted by agreed style, colour, measurements and purpose!

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