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Leather wallets for men and women

Leather wallet with a sailing ship in dark brown
Leather wallet with a sailing ship

If you like to keep more than few notes, coins and cards in your wallet,then you can get quite a capacious one from us. If you don’t need a coin pocket at all and like very lightweight and compact solutions, then there is suitable solution for you as well.

All our wallets can be built exactly by your wishes. Please browse our leather wallets from galleries below:

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Small leather wallets

These are so called folded wallets. You’ll find variuous styles amongs these – from very thin and compact ones to bigger and thus more capacious wallets. These wallets are used by both – men and women.

Big leather wallets

Very capacious wallets – notes stay unfolded even when wallet is closed. There are suitable models for men and women.

Crafting leather wallets

We offer all sorts of wallets. When ordering with us you may choose from any style you find on this page or you can get a wallet that is made right from the scratch. Also, everything you see on these pages is restylable and customizable. This is useful for example in case you need to fit some sort of special document into your wallet – then we can take these requirements into account and your wallet will have a nice place in it for everything that is needed. Of course you can have any amount of card pockets, pockets for notes and the coin pocket can be removed / added to the wallet.

Carvings and images for decoration on wallet cover

You can choose almost any image you like for your wallet. Customers have often also asked for initials or a name. If you don’t have any special image on your mind you can leave the desicion for us (and maybe just mention some elements you would like to find in the decoration). Of course the carvings are optional.

You can view all our wallets from links above.

Style and build of the wallets

All pieces ment for the wallet can be joined by seams or lacing. Both are very durable options. In both cases the strap or thread can be chosen in different color from the wallets main color and this way it is possible to achieve more interesting and beautiful outcomes.

if you would like a fastening for a wallet, we can offer metal snaps, metal knobs and magnets.

As people have different needs and wishes, then all measurements and styles are best to be decided by details – the important part is that everything you want to keep in your wallet had a place for it and that the outcome would last for many years to come.
If you like, you can let us know about the details what the wallet should fit and we gladly offer you suggestions about suitable wallets.

There are many beautiful colors to choose from!

Our goal is to offer specially made leather goods that are best suited for the purpose, that are beautiful as well functional.

Order leather wallet

In our workshop every item, every smallest detail, is handcrafted. For our crafts we use only full- grain vegetable tanned leather. Your ordered wallet will also be made by hand and out of top quality leather.

Let us know about your wishes!

Choose what parts do you want to be included – few examples:

  • See- through pockets for ID cards or other documents.
  • Special pockets for other documents (passports etc).
  • More than one pocket for notes.
  • Capacious coin pocket.
  • Big wallets can fit many card pockets, smaller wallets can be extended with separate additional opening “sheet” (like three- fold wallets).
  • Wallets can be made with a “lock” of course (a snap or a small metal knob, small bag lock or a magnet lock).
  • For decoration we offer hand carved images, patterns, initials or name.

Leather wallet with carved image and bear track
Leather wallet with carved image and bear track

Let us know how can we contact you:

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And don’t forget, that you can order fom us even if there isn’t any similar goods made yet!