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Leather photo album

Photo albums with leather covers. For decoration we offer any sort of hand carved image, sign, symbol or pattern you can think of.
Inside the album we use thick carton sheets, each separated by thin transparent paper sheet to provide protection for your photos.

Photo album will be made by agreed measurements and with agreed count of sheets. You can order the album in any size you like.

Albums with leather covers

About crafting the photo album

Photo album will be covered all over with vegetable tanned leather and you may choose any image, writing, sign or symbol for decoration that will be hand carved onto the leather.

Build of the photo album

For fortifying the leather covers we use thin (3mm) plywood inside leather layers. Plywood sheets will be as big as we agree, hand sawn here just for your photo album. It is recommended to use plywood inside because other ways the leather will bend while handling the album and this may harm your photos. Plywood keeps the covers straight and strong even for a thicker and larger album. Plywood will be covered all over with leather and it will not be visible even if you decide to untie the covers for some reason. Plywood isn’t just in the main front and back cover but there are in fact five separate pieces of plywood: in covers and as well in the binding section.

Outer side of the album will be covered with somewhat ticker leather while inside will be covered with thinner kind.

Pages inside the album

The pages for photos are thicker cartong sheets. Every carton sheet is separated by transparent sheet of paper that is ment to protect your photos from scratching each other. In addition to these two, there are also small pieces of carton sheets between every carton page. These pieces are not visible while browsing photos but they are very important to build up the whole possible thickness for the album, so when you add photos to every sheet, the album won’t grow unexpectidly thicker than the binding section allows and it will be nice and even when full of photos.

When you decide to order a photo album we will ask you to decide on how many carton sheets should be in it (number without counting the transparent sheets, these will be added later).

Binding the photo album

When ordering the photo album, you must also decide what would be the largest image size you would like to add into that album. This is where we will get the final measurements for your photo album and also the suitable measurements for papers. Pages will be a bit larger than the photo measurements you will name. This way even the largest photo will still have a nice frame around it when added onto the page.

In the end we’ll also add needed length to the pages for binding. The final binding will be done outside of the covers with leather lace.

Carved images, patterns and colours

If you wish, we will decorate the cover of the photo album with any kind of image or pattern chosen by you. It could also be name, initials, some sort of sign or symbol etc. If you don’t have anything certain on your mind, you can just name some elements for the image or pattern and we’ll do the rest.

We have many beautiful colours for leather. We use only high quality dyes that are made for this type of leather. These dyes sink into the leather surface, the do not crack or rub off.

Seams and lacing

Leather pieces can be attached by seams or leather lacing. Both are durable and also beautiful options but they certainly do give a bit different style outcome in the end. And to add some contrast, we could use lighter colour thread with darker leather or leather lace that differs in colour form album’s main tone.

Order custom made photo album

In our workshop every item, every smallest detail, is handcrafted. For our crafts we use only full- grain vegetable tanned leather. Your photo album will also be made by hand and out of top quality leather.

Let us know about your wishes!

  • Let us know what size photo album would you like?
  • How many sheets for photos should it have?
  • What color would you like?
  • Should we plan some sort of carvings for decoration on the cover? (That could be almost any sort of image or pattern you can imagine).
Leather photo album inside. Thick carton sheets are separated by transparent paper sheets to keep your photos safe.
Leather photo album inside. Thick carton sheets are separated by transparent paper sheets to keep your photos safe.

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Leather goods for recording mediums

We offer all sorts of albums, leather covers for books and notebooks, leather boxes and pockets, record covers. All these items are crafted by your wishes in any size or shape and will be decorated with hand carved images chosen by you.

If you have any sort of recording medium that is not listed here but you need leather cover for it – let us know and we’ll make it for you!

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