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    • Leather scarf rings for Young EaglesLeather scarf rings for Young Eagles
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      Hand crafted leather scarf rings for Young Eagles.

      Scarf rings are decorated by Pärnu county coat of arms.

      You may order scarf ring with any sort of decorations. Larger amounts will be made by pressing method but smaller amount could also be made by hand carved images.

      Order leather scarf ring

      Write to us:

      • How many scarf rings would you like?
      • What color would suit best with your cloting?
      • If you would like decorated scarf ring, then please also add descriptive image or describe your vision.

      If you have any other details in mind, you are welcome to add all your thoughts and all possible other questions and details will be discussed in future emails.

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    • Leather tie
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      Hand crafted leather tie.

      Leather works by Wanakuramus, bead work by customer.

      Order leather tie

      We won’t offer you bead work but we sure may craft you a nice leather tie. Write to us:

      • Describe the tie you would like to have.
      • In what size should the tie be?
      • Which color would you like?
      • Would you also care for some hand carved images or patterns for decoration?

      If you have any other details in mind, you are welcome to add all your thoughts. All possible other questions and details will be discussed in future emails.

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    • Leather belt bagLeather belt bag
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      Hand crafted vegetable tanned leather belt bags.

      These belt bags have a really smart but also very simple fastening. This is a combination of the strap and loop and we can’t see the way it could be opened by accident. Also it is very comfortable and easy to use.

      This is suitable solution if you take on hikes in woods or spend time in narrow or other ways harsh conditions where other fastenings could be pushed open just because of tight surroundings.

      As you may see on our photos there has been lots of variations of these sorts of belt bags in the making here.
      You may order leather belt bag in any size you like.

      Order belt bag

      Belt bag will be crafted by the details you provide.
      Here is a little note for you, which hopefully helps to mark some more important aspects for the bag:

      • Describe us what kind of belt bag would you like to have?
      • If there is some sort of special items you wish to carry in it, you should measure them all together to get the approximate size for the belt bag.
      • What color would you like?
      • Would you like some hand carved images as decoration for your belt bag?
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    • Leather belt for Santa Claus
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      Handcrafted leather belt for Santa Claus.

      This belt on the photo is 9cm wide and about 150cm long. Belt is decorated by hand carved snow flakes.
      you may choose suitable width and length for your belt. Also you may decide if and what sort of carved images or motifs would you like for your Santa’s Belt.

      Santa’s Belt needs special buckle of course.
      Belt on this photo has a buckle that was provided by the customer and the belt is made by the buckle’s measurements. We can offer some buckles for you if you can’t find anything suitable. And it might be also possible to order a special buckle from an jewellery artist.

      Belt on the photo is dark brown – but we have various beautiful colors to choose from.

      How to order?

      You most certainly have special requests for your Santa’s Belt. So at first please let us know about these wishes. In future e-mails we will discuss every detail about the belt.

      • Let us know the waist circumference the Santa’s Belt has to be made for.
      • How wide should the belt be? If you have a buckle of your own for this belt, then measure the inner width of the buckle. You may want to add a photo as well.
      • What color would you like?
      • Would you like to have some hand carved motifs or winter themed images for the belt?
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    • Leather belt set for Santa ClausLeather belt set for Santa Claus
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      Five first photos:
      Orgulous leather belt for Santa is 184cm long, decorated by hand carved winter theme images.
      The belt buckle for this set is made by jewellery artist Keiu Koppel.

      Santa needs to have a pouch as well of course, so this belt is accompanied by a belt pouch. This pouch provides enough space for needed amount of candies.

      As the belt length is impressive, it could not have been done at that time any other way but by joining two separately cut straps. Photo of the belt shows hot it is possible to join the straps so the outcome is durable but also looks nice. The joined ends are glued, riveted and on top of it there are sewn edges.

      Two last photos:
      This is a bit more modest version of Santa’s belt set. With a quite large belt-bag to fit enough candies, of course. The buckle for this belt is not crafted by jewellery artist but it still suits well for Santa’s magical and fairy-tale being.

      Order similar leather belt set

      Send us a description of your desired belt set – mark everything you think of at the moment and we’ll sort out all the details later on.

      Here is also a small note for your convenience to get you started:

      • What is the waist measurement you wish the leather belt to be made for?
      • How wide should the belt be?
      • What sort of belt bag would you like? What should fit in and how many pockets should there be?
      • What color would you like?
      • Should we plan some sort of carvings for decoration?
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    • Leather costume for fire artist Freya DangerLeather costume for fire artist Freya Danger
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      Leather costume includes top, wristbands and armor- like belt. The set was created by keeping in mind the show that was planned by the artist at that time – she was compiling a Viking themed fire and dance show.
      Costume is handmade out of vegetable tanned leather, in addition we used some metal parts (rivets, loops, buckles) and strong waxed thread.

      Freya Danger dances along with various styles of music and has compiled fantastic shows of belly dance and fire art. See Freya’s performances.

      And these interesting and very beautiful jewelry that you can see on these photos are created by jewelry artist Keiu Koppel. Keiu uses various curious metals for her art and other surprising materials – for example take a look at “Created landscapes” and “Lost In Details”.

      Order leather costume

      For a costume will agree  on all the details by e-mail and here you may make a start by letting us know what sort of costume would you like:
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    • Leather cuffs with viking style carvings
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      Hand crafted leather wrist cuffs, decorated by hand carved images.

      These hand cuffs were crafted for a person who works in metal industry and he’s wrists get lot of damage from work. These cuffs are meant to protect the wrists and also act as a decorative accessories. We agree – why not make things functional and also great looking.

      For wrist cuffs we need two measurements taken from the arm. First, the measurement around the wrist closest to the hand and then measurement taken from the arm at the point where the cuffs are supposed to end (this length between these two points is equal to the desired length for the wrist cuffs).

      These cuffs will work best with buckles, because these allow most comfortable adjustment.

      Order leather wrist cuffs

      Wrist cuffs will be crafted by agreed design and measurements.
      We will discuss all the details in following emails – here is a short list to get you started. You are welcome to add all other details you might have thought of.

      • Mark the measurements described above. Also the desired length for the wristcuffs.
      • What color would you like?
      • Would you also like some sort of hand carved decoration for the cuffs? If so, you are welcome to add some images or just describe your vision.
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