Leather belt bags

Leather belt bag

Full grain leather belt bags and pouches in various shapes and sizes.
Bags will be crafted so they will be of a great help to you in your everyday life.

About making a belt bag

We use full- grain vegetable tanned leather for our crafts and we cut out all parts for a belt bag also by hand. So this means that we have no limitations for any sizes or shapes and your new belt bag can be made by custom measurements. You can use some of our photos as an example or you can even draw your own model and style for your new belt bag.

So for a start you should think about what would you like to fit into the belt bag and then we can find suitable measurements for it. We can always leave a little bit extra room just in case. Later you can decide if the bag should be round shaped or more boxy.

Also you could choose some special inner pockets and separators for your belt bag. On the photos above you can see that some of the belt bags have sewn in separate pockets for cards and pockets with separate flap for money and documents.

Durable leather belt bag
There is one capacious pocket in this bag.

Attaching the belt bag onto the belt

Belt bag can be attached to the belt as aligned with the belt or as a bit hanging from the belt. The biggest difference besides the look is that the hanging bag moves more freely while the aligned bag is stuck in it’s position. Besides the beauty and fashion you should consider your activities when deciding about the attachment style.
There are of course several options depending on different things but in a large scale it is right to say that bigger and more capacious belt bag would be more comfortable for a user when it is with a longer attachment loop, the little bit hanging version. Of course the comfort also depends on, where do you wear the belt bag on your belt.

It is also possible to make the attachment loops with snaps so it would be very easy to put the belt bag onto the belt or remove it from it. No doubt, it could be a very nice feature but when deciding on this option you should also consider your activities because on some cases it is better if there are absolutely nothing that could be easily opened (think about extreme sports, hiking and other this kind of activities where it could be possible that something unintentionally sticks somehow to the bag and rips it loose).

Leather belt bag with carvings - straps with snaps!
Straps can be opened by snaps – this way you won’t have to remove your belt when you want to take off / put on the belt bag.

Fastening options for the leather belt bag

We offer various options for fastenings – there are buckles, bag locks, magnetic locks, metal buttons and even snaps. Also the so called viking style fastening with a leather loop and strap. This is very simple but secure and comfortable option – you could open and close your bag even by one hand.

We suggest you take your time at this point as well and consider your activities once again. If you need a belt pouch mostly in office to keep your phone close by, the easy magnetic lock or magnet would be just fine. But if you think there are some possibilities that you could sometimes end up in the upside down situation, you should choose more reliable fastening for the bag. Buckle is a very secure option but can not be opened and closed very easily just by one hand. Small metal bag lock would also be quite good choice in this case and could be opened and closed by one hand as the viking style fastening.

Leather belt bags in various sizes
Belt bags can be made in various sizes.

Decorations for the leather belt bag, colors

We offer hand carved images and patterns for decoration. The carvings could be small signs or they could also cover the whole bag. You can choose almost any image you like!
If you don’t have any certain wishes then you can leave the final decision and drawing to us and just let us know for a hint some element that you would like to find in the carvings.

We have many beautiful colours – you’ll surely love them all! The leather belt bag will be also oiled during work and later after dying we will smear it with special mix that improves the weather proofness a bit. And finally the belt bag will be waxed as well.

Belt pouch with a viking ship
Belt pouch closes with a magnetic lock and it has just one maine pocket inside. In addition to the hand carved viking ship, the edges of the belt bag are laced. Lacing also holds the bag intact. This bag is 16cm wide, 13cm deep (height) and 4cm on the side. Belt pouch is handmade out of vegetable tanned leather.