Leather belts

Leather belts

These full grain vegetable tanned leather belts last for a very long time and time only adds beauty to their looks.
We offer classic leather belts that are without any carvings and belts with hand carved images. There are usual kind of belts but also special belts – for example bushcraft belt (also sometimes called hip- belt) and gym belt (weight lifting belt).

Making a leather belt

Here you can have an overview of what do we offer and some notes about materials and leather we use.

Leather belts with custom carvings

Patterns can be carved just to the topmost end (always visible when wearing a belt) or extended onto the whole lenght of the belt. Secret messages, initials or a name can be placed to the buckle- end of the belt and that will be always covered with the other end of the belt, so it will be known about only just to the belt owner.

Varicolored belts

Carved images and patterns could also be painted with various colors. We have made very colorful belts that are inspired from old Estonian woven belts. But varicolored belt could be made in more similar tones so they smoothly blend in and so the outcome would be quite modest, the toning would just support the carvings making them better presented.

Classic leather belts

It is also possible to order a classic belt – without any carvings. Hides are always different of course but the leather we use is not pressed and this allows the natural leather surface to be nicely visible. A perfect decoration!

Buckles for leather belts

You get to choose the buckle for your belt. Usually the belt buckle is chosen by the desired width of the belt. Or, when deciding by the bucke, check also that the width will suit you.

We can also use your own buckle. But to make it fit well you need to send it to us. There are some measurements that must be taken from the exact buckle. You may send it by post.

There are techniques to attach the buckle that is made for narrower belt to the wider belt. This way the whole width of the belt could be as wide as you like and the buckle width doesn’t have to match. For example, this is how the hip belt set buckle is attached to the main belt strap and all the straps and belt of leather costume for a fire artist also get advantages of that style.

This way we can make interesting styles of course but this isn’t the only reason you might like to choose this kind of attachment for the buckle. For example some people get allergic reaction when some metals touch their skin frequently and this way the buckle can be attached so, that it won’t have any contact with your skin. We have also used this technique for some wristbands exactly beacuse of that reason.

Measurements of the belt

As we make everything by hand, there are no limitations for any sizes or measurements for the width or lenght of the belt.
The length will be decided by waist measurement. If there is no way you can get the waist measurement, we can also work with the measurement taken from the existing belt.

How to find measurements for the belt?

To make the belt suitable, we need to match it to the waist measurement. We can also work with the measurements taken from the used belt.

How to measure the belt?
How to measure the belt?

Take the measurement from the top of the buckle to the most used hole. The most used hole is the one that has most usage marks around it. This will be the measurement we will take as the base for the new belt and the new belt will also of course have several holes to choose from.

Sometimes we’re asked if we could make a belt “in men’s size?”

We can also make very long belts and we ask for specially longer leather from the tannery for belts. So our possibilities depend on how long leather can we get. Sooner or later it is possible to get one that is long enough for specific request, so send your wishes on the way!