Leather belts

These full grain vegetable tanned leather belts last for a very long time and time only adds beauty to their looks.
We offer classic leather belts that are without any carvings and belts with hand carved images. There are usual kind of belts but also special belts – for example bushcraft belt (also sometimes called hip- belt) and gym belt (weight lifting belt).

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  • Carved brown leather beltCarved brown leather belt
    From: 140

    Hand carved leather belt

    This belt is carved from buckle to tip, For decoration you may choose almost any sort of image you like.

    We have achieved most beautiful outcomes by using old belt patterns. All sorts of plant blossoms and leaves are possible and for wider belts (40-55mm) we offer also animal and bird images.

    If you don’t have anything specific on your mind, you may leave the image question for us to decide. In this case please just offer few keywords so we have a starting point for your belt.

    See more about crafting and materials used for leather goods

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  • Brown leather beltNarrow red leather belt for women
    From: 35

    Handmade leather belts.

    Leather hides are always different of course – I use the sort of leather that has a natural surface.A perfect decoration!

  • Leather belt set for Santa ClausLeather belt set for Santa Claus
    Price calculated by order

    Really fancy and detail rich belt or a belt set for Santa.

    All the measurements for the set shall be agreed so the belt will be in a proper length and bag will have enough space for the items you wish to store in it. All hand carved details are always different and one of a kind, so every Santa may have really unique belt or set.