Leather boxes

Leather boxes

Making leather boxes and pockets

For a start you should decide which sort of box is better for your purpose. The contents aren’t the only thing to consider, because it is possible to make a lighter case for heavier items and the other way around as well. So may be it is better to start on the end where you imagine how should the box behave.

Lighter box for heavier and possibly larger items provides a great cover but just needs to be supported by hand when moving around. It could be suitable for example if you need to protect some items that are stored on the self from sunshine or other environmental effects. Also bigger but lighter box could be great for just keeping things tidy.

And of course we can also offer small but sturdy boxes (with plywood or grey board inner) that could be useful for items that just need protection from crushing.

Decorations for leather boxes

All versions of leather boxes can be decorated by hand carved images, motifs. It doesn’t have to be just the cover that is with carved image. For the decoration you may choose almost any image or motifs you like but you may also leave the decision for us (in this case you should provide few keywords or hints so we had a starting point).

Carved box isn’t a must, so just nice untouched leather surface for your box is possible too.

Colors for leather boxes

We offer many beautiful colours. You may have a great overview of what’s available by browsing different galleries on our website. It is also possible to make a varicolored box, to paint a carved image for example in few different tones. We can decide on that when we have more information about your wishes.