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  • Leather knife rollLeather knife roll inside
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    With this kind of leather knife roll you can take all your knives safely – wherever you’re heading – with you.

    We offer different styles and sizes for knife rolls.

    One possibility for the knife roll is where the knives are inserted into the pockets by handles. In this case the blades will be covered with the flap and rolled up. Bag will be fastened by two straps with buckles and this sort of bag may also have a shoulder strap and a handle.

    Another style is where the knives are inserted into the pockets by blades. In this case every seam of every pocket has additional thick leather strap sewn in to prevent the blades cutting into the seams. Suitably longer back of the knife roll will be folded back over the handles of the knives and then rolled up. This sort of knife roll is fastened by leather strap (on the photos) but might also be made with a strap and buckle.

    All details for your knife roll will be discussed – you may choose and change any aspect of your bag as you see fit.

    Order leather knife roll

    Let us know what sort of knife roll would you like. You may freely mark anything that pops to your mind at first and we shall ask additional questions when we need more information, so don’t worry if you might miss something.

    Here are some small notes to help you get started:

    • What sort of knife roll would you like? Should the knives be attached by handles or blades? How many knives would you like to fit into the bag?
    • Would you like additional (zippered) pockets?
    • Would you like to have a handle and a shoulder strap for your bag?
    • What color would you like?
    • Shall we plan some sort of image or pattern for a decoration?
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  • Leather knife sheaths for right handed and left handed usersLeather knife sheaths
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    Sheath will be made exactly by the knife, this way it will hold the knife properly.
    We can make a sheath for any kind of knife.

    There are various possibilities for attaching the sheath to the belt. It could be made with a rigid loop, so the sheath stays always in vertical position or it could have separate belt loop with the D-ring on the sheath so it would be more flexible. The last option is better if you have to sit a lot for example, the sheath wouldn´t be on a way. The bushcraft knife could have additional pocket for the sharpening stone, fire stick.

    Of course all other hanging versions are also possible – for example loop and a strap for hanging the knife around the neck.

    Order leather knife sheath

    Here is a small note to hopefully help you a bit to write some essentials first:

    • What kind of a sheath would you like for a what kind of a knife? You are welcome to attach an image of the knife.
    • What color would you like?
    • Would you like to have something carved onto the leather as a decoration for the sheath?
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    Sheath will be made by the axe so it will be perfectly fitted for your tool. We use only full grain vegetable tanned leather for our crafts. You can choose any build or style for your sheath and we offer various beautiful colors. The the sheath can be decorated with some hand carved images, if you like.

    This sheath on the photo is sewn with very strong waxed thread. There is additional layer of leather between the seams so the sharp edge of the axe doesn’t reach to the seams. Sheath is closed around the axe on the other side by the snap; this way the back of the axe head remains free and can be used while the sharper end is covered by the sheath.

    Order leather blade sheath

    For perfect fit we need to have the exact tool you want the sheath to be made for. This is because it is not possible to guess the measurements from the image (or photo or drawing). Tool can be sent over by post for example and we assure you, your tool will be in good hands.
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  • Leather sword scabbard
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    Leather sword scabbard can be made by sword’s blade to get a perfect fit for it. All sorts of styles are possible – just ask for it! For decorations we offer hand carved images and beautiful colours.
    Sword scabbard on the photos is in set with a shoulder strap that attaches to the scabbard at two points.

    Order leather sword scabbard

    For this sort of work we need the exact sword you would like to have a scabbard for. This is because we need to take several measurements and for a perfect fit this has to be done on the exact sword.
    Your sword will be well taken care of at our workshop and no harm will come to it.

    If the distance between us is greater (seven seas and seven lands perhaps even) and it wont be possible to meet, then the best option is to send the sword by post. Contact us for details.

    • Describe what sort of scabbard would you like and add as much as details as you can think of. You may add an image to this letter to provide better overview of your idea.
      When we have some information about it, we can ask more specific questions and provide better solutions how something you wish or like could be achieved.
    • What color would you like?
    • Would you also like some sort of hand carved decorations for your scabbard?
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  • Leather tool rollLeather tool roll
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    Leather tool roll will be crafted by agreed measurements and in suitable size for your tools.
    Tool roll is very effective for keeping your tools in shipshape order.
    If you keep everything in it’s place, it is very easy to just roll up all your tools at once and when unrolling, you’ll have good overview of all of your tools while working.

    This tool roll is made for some smaller tools. In this case the set up, style of the pockets is perfect. If you require a tool roll for some bigger tools or even sharper ones, then maybe it is worth considering a little bit different style – where te pockets are aligned only on one side and the tools will be covered with a leather flap.

    Order leather tool roll

    • What kind of tool roll would you like for a what kind of a tools? You are welcome to attach an image of your tools.
    • What kind of style would you like? The kind you see on these photos on this page (pockets on both sides, facing each other) or the kind you can see on the knife rolls page (linked above) where the tools are covered with a flap?
    • This tool roll was made to be fastened by a leather strap. But we could also use small buckles or even bag locks for tool rolls. Let us know what would you like most.
    • Leather tool roll could also be made with a handle and even with a shoulder strap. Let us know if you have any such wishes for your roll.
    • What color would you like?
    • Would you like to have something carved onto the leather as a decoration?

    Depending on the tools and other details you will let us know about, we’ll likely have more questions. Also, the exact measurements etc will be discussed when we have more information about your wishes.

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  • Leather gun holsterLeather gun holster
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    Hand crafted vgetable tanned leather gun holster.

    This leather shoulder holster is also lined with leather (inside), so the gun will be surrounded by smooth leather surface. Holster opens from a metal snap and the shoulder strap may be adjusted by moving the rivet.

    For this holster customer provided the maquette, carved out of wood.

    For a leather holster we need a maquette or a blue gun (or any other color gun), that is the copy of your gun. Other ways it is not possible to get the measurements right and the holster might not suit as well as we would like.

    If you would like the holster or the whole set to be decorated by hand carved images, then let us know what would you like to see carved onto the leather. You may also attach a descriptive or illustrative image to make your thoughts better explained.

    Order leather holster

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  • Pistol magazine holster
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    Vegetable tanned leather mag holster

    Holsters on the photo are wet formed exactly by the magazines. For wet forming we soak the leather in water and then form it around the model. When it dryes, leather becomes harder and will hold its new form. Sometimes we also heat the formed leather in the oven to make it even harder.

    Order leather holster

    For best results, if you wish to get yourself a wet formed holster, you need to send us also the magazine to get exact measurements for the holster. The magazine won’t be harmed in any way.
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