Santa’s belt

Handcrafted leather belt for Santa Claus.

This belt on the photo is 9cm wide and about 150cm long. Belt is decorated by hand carved snow flakes.
you may choose suitable width and length for your belt. Also you may decide if and what sort of carved images or motifs would you like for your Santa’s Belt.

Santa’s Belt needs special buckle of course.
Belt on this photo has a buckle that was provided by the customer and the belt is made by the buckle’s measurements. We can offer some buckles for you if you can’t find anything suitable. And it might be also possible to order a special buckle from an jewellery artist.

Belt on the photo is dark brown – but we have various beautiful colors to choose from.

How to order?

You most certainly have special requests for your Santa’s Belt. So at first please let us know about these wishes. In future e-mails we will discuss every detail about the belt.

  • Let us know the waist circumference the Santa’s Belt has to be made for.
  • How wide should the belt be? If you have a buckle of your own for this belt, then measure the inner width of the buckle. You may want to add a photo as well.
  • What color would you like?
  • Would you like to have some hand carved motifs or winter themed images for the belt?
Open form – write to us!

    About leather crafts

    Santa’s Belt will be made of the thick vegetable tanned leather. We are proud of our correctly and nicely finished leather products.

    If you have your own buckle for the belt and it has some sorts of decorations on it, then we can make the belt with same sort or kind of decorations, so they will be a perfect match.

    If you would also like a belt bag for Santa, then we would gladly make you a whole belt set for Santa Claus.

    About crafting leather belts:

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