Weight lifting belt

Wide belt for lifting weights and supporting body while training. Gym belt is made out of two layers of thick vegetable tanned leather.
Belt will be made as wide and long as requested. It is also possible to make belts in different shapes, for example with a wider part on the back.
Weight lifting belt on these photos is 10cm wide and it has a separate a bit narrower strap for the buckle.
See more information about this belt and materials here

How to order?

As there might be various customizations involved that are hard to put into the form, it is best if you will start with letting us know what sort of gym belt would you like to order.

Here is also a small note for your convenience, so you may have a good start on your letter:

  • What is the waist measurement you want the leather belt to be made for?
  • How wide should the belt be?
  • If you would like the belt to be made in any custm shape (wider from the back side for example), then please describe your wishes.
  • How many holes would you like for the buckle? (We usually make five or six holes about 2cm apart).
  • What color would you like?
  • Should we plan some sort of carvings for decoration? (That could be almost any sort of image or pattern you can imagine).
Open form – write to us!

    About leather crafts

    All general options are available for this belt too – color, hand carved images etc.
    Weight lifting belt will be made out of very thick genuine vegetable tanned leather and there will be two layers that are sewn with very strong waxed polyester thread (that can not be thorn by hand). It is possible to arrange some sort of softening between those leather layers.

    This belt could also be decorated with the carvings. All images, names, signs and other are always hand carved so it could be almost anything you can think of. As this is a wide belt, there’s plenty of space also for more extensive images or patterns. Wide belt could also be made with multiple smaller buckles

    About crafting leather belts:

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