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The Pantry

Rummaging through The Pantry gives an overview whats´ ready for sale.
Here are stored all the products which have been finished and can be bought right a way. Some might call this kind of a place even an e- shop… Well, since you’re already here, you can go ahead and make a deal with Wanakuramus!

Most of our crafts are custom made leather goods.
If you would like something else and it is not available in our shop, then please see all our goods here, get more information about making these various beautiful and long lasting items and let us know about your wishes!

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Handmade Leather Goods By Wanakuramus. Every item in our workshop is made by hand from start to finish.

We can be written to at: [email protected]

And we can be called at:
5673 9652 Tanel Kislov
5634 7953 Krislyn

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