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Notebook covers

Full grain leather handcrafted notebook covers.
Here you may buy high quality and long lasting products.

Leather notebook covers – ready to shop

Here are listed the leather covers that are ready to shop and will reach you as quick as parcels move by post.

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As we make everything by hand, unfortunately we can not have large quantities of leather covers available to shop right a way.

We know that our products have become treasured finds when searching for a gift and we always try to have something here on the Pantry shelves ready for you. But sometimes buyers are quicker and we can’t keep up with them. Ready made goods reach you quicker but you may also consider custom made covers – in this case you may choose several details for your order.

Custom made leather covers

See our crafts and you’ll surely get lot of inspiration for your order!

Leather covers can also be made-to-order. In that way you may choose custom size, color and a hand carved image that suits you best.

From the links below you can browse our works, get to know more about customization options for custom orders and you’ll also find a contact form for your order.