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Brown leather handbag


Leather handbag is decorated with hand carved image that is also hand painted in brown tones.

There are three pockets inside the bag and it’s shoulder strap can be adjusted by small metal buckle. This handbag is hand made of full grain vegetable tanned leather.

There is 1 on our Pantry shelves

Hand crafted leather handbag

Handbag is made of genuine leather. For seams we use very strong waxed polyester thread and this bag also has some metal parts – loops, rivets and buckles.

Leather used for this bag is hand dyed. We use the sorts of dyes that sink into the leather surface – these will not rub off or crack. When you touch the bag you’ll feel leather not the coating of paint. Bag is also smeared with special mix that adds weather resistance and waxed.

Measurements of this handbag:
Handbag has three pockets in total.
Handbag is 12cm high/deep, 17cm wide and 6cm wide on the side.
Measurements are taken from inside of the bag.

If you want to ask something

We can be written to at:
[email protected]

And we can be called at:
+372 5673 9652 Hazgal
+372 5634 7953 Krislyn

Leather handbags and purses made to order

We offer hand crafted leather handbags and purses in custom shapes and sizes, with any amount of pockets, in various colours and styles.

Take a look at our crafts and get yourself a leather bag that is made by your wishes!

Handmade Leather Goods By Wanakuramus. Every item in our workshop is made by hand from start to finish.

We can be written to at: [email protected]

And we can be called at:
5673 9652 Tanel Kislov
5634 7953 Krislyn

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