Leather notebook covers

Genuine leather hand crafted notebook covers.

These covers are suitable for A5 size notebooks (one notebook is already included with covers).
The back side of the covers is to be turned back at the suitable point – this way these covers can be used for notebooks in various thickness. The folded back cover can also be used as a bookmark and pencil can be sticked between the strap that holds the notebook tied down.

Leather pieces used for the notebook are put together by leather lace.

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Handmade leather notebook covers

Measurements of the leather covers

These covers have been made for A5 size notebooks. The build of the covers allows them to be used for notebooks that are different in thickness. Covers fit well notebooks with hard and soft covers.

The back side of the covers won’t be left loose – there is special strap attached inside the covers to hold the back cover of the notebook. Also, the tie down strap is attached to the covers on the front and back side so the whole set won’t fall apart when opening the notebooks. Everything is held in place and made comfortable to use.

About the notebook

You’ll receive one notebook with these covers. It is a very nice hard covered notebook with natural white coloured thicker sort of sheets that are suitable for writing and sketches as well.
Notebook has 80 sheets / 160 pages.


Notebook covers are made out of vegetable tanned full grain leather. We use high quality dyes for various colours. These dyes sink into the leather surface, they won’t rub off or crack and you’ll feel leather under your palm when touching the covers, not the coat of paint.

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Leather notebook and book covers, photo albums made to order

Would you like leather covers in some other size or style? In some other colour and with hand carved image?
We will be happy to make you the sort of covers you’d like.

In addition to leather covers for books and notebooks we also offer other similar goods – like leather photo albums and covers for all sorts of recording mediums.

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