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LeatherWorks by Wanakuramus

Quality leather goods with deep roots in our pagan past.
Belts, bags, purses- you name it, we make it!

Leather items are not just beautiful but very durable and therefore great gifts – for yourself and for those you care for.

Wanakuramus’ Pantry

In The Pantry you’ll get an overview what’s ready for sale. Some might even call this place an E-Shop. If you have some occasion ahead of you and you need a gift or you would like to have something nice for yourself but there is no time for some reason to make a custom order, you can peek in here.

Besides custom orders we also like to pull our own dreams into this reality and we sell these goods on this site and sometimes on some fairs or festivals.

But there are even more beautiful goods on those shelves – click the button and find yourself in The Pantry doorway:

Wanakuramus’ custom works

Most of our crafts are custom made orders and if you like our style, we offer to make something beautiful, useful and of full grain vegetable tanned leather for you too! At this cozy corner you can admire all our crafts that have been made here – but as always, anything you see isn’t the limit.

Some pages are fallen from the photo album and your eye wonders over those. You want to see more and click onto the magical button below to reach the photos:

Some shortcuts to other corners of this cozy chamber

Handmade Leather Goods By Wanakuramus. Every item in our workshop is made by hand from start to finish.

We can be written to at: [email protected]

And we can be called at:
5673 9652 Tanel Kislov
5634 7953 Krislyn

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