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On The Move

Sometimes we’re sent invitations. Good companionship we don’t mind –
so we pack our leather, dyes and other tools onto the iron horse. Off we go – see you soon!

Wanakuramus At The Fairs

Buy or order leather goods from us! We take part in well worth fairs where there is much to see and do!

Wanakuramus always has some wonderful handcrafted leather items in The Pantry that can be brought to some nice fair. But that is not all – if possible we’ll bring along our whole workshop. This way we can illustrate the fair by showing to the guests how the work gets done and/or offer them an opportunity to try out the craft by themselves.

If you can’t attend, then you can still buy our goods from our e- shop, peek into The Pantry!

Workshop At The Fair

If you’re browsing our photos, then you’ll notice that we also offer workshop on the fairs, whenever this is possible, so you could come and make yourself something cool out of vegetable tanned leather. The easyest way to get updates about these occasions is to like or follow Wanakuramus’ Facebook Page. We always write about these sorts of news there.


New skills and useful experiences!

In workshop you can get familiar with all sorts of leather work tools and methods, make some kind of item out of vegetable tanned leather all by yourself. That item you want to make has to be agreed before the workshop so we can make necessary preparations. Bigger items can take several hours and even days but smaller items like a wristband or a watch strap, card case, small pouch or even a belt can be made in a few hours.

Workshop is suitable for little ones and for adults. Wanakuramus will oversee everything and everyone and gives necessary guidelines when needed – no one will fail in this mission.

Get In Touch

If you would like to order a workshop, send us a letter at: [email protected]
Let us know what would you like to make during the workshop and how many participants there will be. We will discuss all other details later on.

Today Wanakuramus doesn’t have such a place yet where to entertain guests. So you have to provide a room, place where we could make the workshop to happen yourself. There aren’t many requirements for it – everyone who takes part in the workshop must have enough space to sit behind the table and work on the table. Lighting must be normal and we need few drops of cold water.

Handmade Leather Goods By Wanakuramus. Every item in our workshop is made by hand from start to finish.

We can be written to at: [email protected]

And we can be called at:
5673 9652 Tanel Kislov
5634 7953 Krislyn

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