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Alchemy Table

Vegetable tanned leather is a wonderful material. In our workshop all items are crafted out of vegetable tanned leather and we never leave it unfinished. Just oiling doesn’t change much the tone of the leather but “feeds” it and final coat of wax protects the leather from weather and dirt. The surface of the leather remains soft and natural.

Leather Dyes

What we use to give it a little bit of a color?
For colors we use only high quality dyes that penetrate the surface of the leather. They do not rub off or become dim and they allow the vegetable tanned leather to still show some tone changes after time passes – the color deepens and the whole look becomes more quaint.

Leather Care

The oils and waxes we use are also the best.
For oiling we use “Neatsfoot” oil and for waxing we use the carnauba wax and the beeswax- olive oil mixture. The last one is made by ourselves and this isn’t really all – we have also made some items which got their tone from coffee or from vinegaroon..

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