Leather file folder

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Hand crafted leather file folder.

File folder will be made by agreed measurements with the additional items you choose. There can be as many pockets as you like (or as many as we can possibly fit). Some of the pockets may be covered under flaps, so their contents won’t be always obvious or visible when folder is opened. We could also add a pencil holder and if you plan to keep a notebook between these same covers, you might make use of the bookmark as well.

Order leather file folder

Here is a small note to hopefully help you a bit to write some essentials first:

  • What should be the measurements for your folder?
  • How many and what sort of pockets would you like inside your folder?
  • Should the folder have a pencil holder?
  • Would you like a bookmark?
  • Would you care for a fastening for the folder?
  • What color would you like?
  • Would you also like some sort of hand carved image or small sign for decoration?
Open form – write to us!

About leather crafts

All our leather goods are hand crafted from start to finish.