Leather Works by Wanakuramus

Quality leather goods with deep roots in our pagan past.
Belts, bags, purses- you name it, we make it!
Leather items are not just beautiful but very durable and therefore great gifts – for yourself and for those you care for.

Handmade Leather Goods

Most of our works are made to order, by customers wishes. But, before deciding on your new handmade leather items, you might wish to see first some of our works. Below there are few photos of our latest crafts but we have made many more wonderful and beautiful leather goods – from belts to briefcases, from notebook covers to photo albums, from wristbands to furniture parts.

Wanakuramus’ Pantry

Besides leather goods that are made to order we of course use our skills to craft leather goods by our own heart. On The Pantry shelves you can find all those leather items that are ready to meet their new owners – this place is very useful to check out if some sort of anniversary for example is already knocking on the door and we wouldn’t have enough time to plan a new made to order item.

See, What's In The Pantry :

We hope you find something nice for yourself or for someone you care for from our leather goods. If not so, then you're welcome to send us a letter and let us know what would you like to have made for you.