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Most of my crafts are bespoke leather goods, so all sorts of customisations are possible to fulfil your wishes.

Hand crafted Leather Goods

Let me know what would you like me to make for you and just mark everything you think important to mention. In future e-mails I will ask for more information, if something needs to be specified.

If you are looking for a carved item, then you may use the upload file options to let me know whether you have very specific image in mind.

Get in Touch

Tel: +372 5634 7953

I live and work in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Distances between me and far-far away lands have never stopped me to offer my services for everyone who has a taste for it – all around the world. My crafts are worn and used for example in USA, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany and most of all of course here in Estonia.

If you happen to be near by – I do accept guests but please let me know beforehand when would you like to visit.