Two- ways belt bag

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Belt bag with clever belt loop that makes it possible to wear either vertically or horizontally.

Opening is on the bag’s shorter side and as the bag is quite tall and narrow, I really do suggest to make use of the optional “hole in the bag”. This makes it easier for you to get your widgets or gadgets out of the bag. Also, the optional small inner pocket will be shorter than the whole bag’s length – so you won’t just have the fun putting cards and money in it but you may as well get them out afterwards.

Belt bag may be decorated by hand carved images and there are suitable places for it on the flap and on the front panel. My personal favourites are the ones that have thick pattern on the front panel and flap is left empty. They look really nice.

Bag has a metal lock for closure.

  • Example: Phone measurements 80 x 150 x 7mm.

    You might want this if you are ordering this bag for a phone or similar item. You may push the phone upwards from the hole in the bottom and get it really easy out of the bag.

    Pocket will be measured to fit your bag but it won't be longer than a standard card, so you may get it out of the pocket easily.

    Please mark the maximum width of your belt the bag should fit on.
    Standard width of the belt is usually 35-40mm.

    If you do not have a suitable belt yet, then don't worry - I offer leather belts in various sizes as well! You could have a matching set!
    • All images and patterns are hand carved by me and the image may be (almost) anything you like.
    • For pressed initials I use stamps and in this case the font will be as it is on the stamp.

    You may leave the decision for me, but in this case leave me few keywords for a starting point.

    In case you have already decided on some sort of image.

    • (max file size 1 MB)

    Select if the initials should be visible for everyone (outer side of the item) to see or hidden (more secretive option, placed somewhere inside the item).

    Please name the initials

    What color would you like for your bag?

About leather crafts

Custom orders are welcome

if the form can't fulfil your dreams

If the form isn't enough to catch and save the properties for your dream belt bag, please send me a letter to agree on the custom made bag.

There are more leather belt bags

  • Leather belt bagLeather belt bag
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    From: 255,00

    Hand crafted vegetable tanned leather belt bags.

    Bag has an interesting fastening solution, which is really simple but in the other hand very secure option. I can not imagine this opening by accident. Also, this is very easy and comfortable to use.

    If you would like a bag with hand carved decorations, then for this bag you should choose an image, that is suitable to reflect on both sides from the strap on the middle. For a bit modest option you could stick to just decorated fastening strap.

    In some cases this sort of bag is also referred to as a viking (style) bag.

    By default I make the side gusset about 50-60mm and you may use this bag with up to 60mm wide belt.

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  • Leather belt bag with magnet lock, decorated by hand carved orienteering mapLeather belt loops on the belt bag's back side
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    From: 100,00

    Small light leather belt bags for smaller and lighter items!

    Bag will be crafted accordingly to the measurements of the item you provide (for example a phone or similar scale item). Bag attaches to the belt by two loops on the back side of the bag.

    For customization you may choose a hand carved image or pressed initials. There are several colours available and you may choose to have seams done in nicely alternating colour.
    In addition you may choose to add some small pockets to the bag (suitable for example for a few cards or some cash/bills).

  • Belt pouch with carved folk patternOiled belt and pouch set
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    From: 145,00

    Hand crafted leather belt bag with opening on the wider side. Metal lock keeps your items safe.

    You may choose longer belt straps for this bag, so the bag will hang a bit lower from the belt edge – I personally like how it looks. But shorter option is also available.

    For better organizing I offer additional smaller pockets – in case you would like to keep some items separated.

    Belt bag may be decorated by hand carved images. There is enough space on the flap or front side under the flap to show off some interesting patterns or other images.

    Choose a suitable size. Side gusset for these bags is about 30.

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Choose a leather belt for the belt bag

for a matching set!

  • Carved brown leather beltCarved brown leather belt
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    From: 140,00

    Hand carved leather belt

    This belt is carved from buckle to tip, For decoration you may choose almost any sort of image you like.

    We have achieved most beautiful outcomes by using old belt patterns. All sorts of plant blossoms and leaves are possible and for wider belts (40-55mm) we offer also animal and bird images.

    If you don’t have anything specific on your mind, you may leave the image question for us to decide. In this case please just offer few keywords so we have a starting point for your belt.

    See more about crafting and materials used for leather goods

    Order leather belt

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  • Brown leather beltNarrow red leather belt for women
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    From: 35,00

    Handmade leather belts.

    Leather hides are always different of course – I use the sort of leather that has a natural surface.A perfect decoration!

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