Wide leather wallet

Hand crafted vegetable tanned leather wallet – wider style.

The wallet presented on these photos has 18 pockets plus large and wide pocket for notes.

Four parts of this wallet are made up of four stacked leather pockets. There are two smaller pockets and two larger ones in each set.

Larger pockets may be used for stacked cards, business cards or other documents.

In the middle of the wallet there are two large see through pockets.

Order wide leather wallet

As with all our leather goods, this wallet may be altered to suit your needs.

Let us know:

Would you like your wallet to be made as seen on the photos or would you like to make some changes?
Some examples:
If you do not wish to have so many pockets, we can simply remove the middle part of the wallet.
You may add to the wallet additional pocket for notes, coin pocket.
Also the fastening could be added (snap or magnet).
The middle see through pockets could be replaced by leather pockets to raise the amount of the pockets even more.

What color would you like?

Would you like a hand carved image or pattern as a decoration for your wallet?

Open form – write to us!

About leather crafts

All our leather goods are hand crafted form start to finish. For our crafts we use only vegetable tanned leather.

The measurements of the wallet on the photos is about 10,5cm x 14cm (when closed).
If you decide to order a wallet with additional pocket for notes, then the measurements will also grow a bit.