Leather straps for hanging hanger

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For these kinds of straps you can choose the length and width of the straps. The straps can be made so that the height can be adjusted.
Straps for the hanger can be decorated with hand carved images or patterns and even painted in multiple colors.

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For these straps we will agree on all the details in future a-mails. First we would like to know more about the straps you ate looking for:

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About leather crafts

About making the hanger

On the photo there are the kinds of straps for the hanging coat rack that were required to be adjustable just by one β€œstep”. If we add buckles to the straps, then the lenght could be adjusted by smaller steps and the adjusting range can be quite long.

Let it be told that if your hanger will carry very heavy weights, then it is recommended to make the straps out of double straps. Thick leather straps will be sewn together and one of them will be withut any carvings, supporting the carved strap. This option will be very durable.

For this kind of hanger you must find your own rod (metal or wood perhaps). The straps will be made by the circumference of your rod.