Leather desk pad

Leather desk pad is made of thick vegetable tanned leather.

Desk on the photo has a separate plate in the middle of the desk plate. The leather pad is glued onto that separate plate. In this case the leather pad is just above the desk plate as the separate plate is even with the main plate.

For decoration we used hand carved frame on the sides. Property mark of the owner has a place of honor in the corners.

Similar desk pad will be crafted accordingly to the desk measurements and your wishes.
We also welcome all orders for desk pads that are not intended to be glued or fitted into or onto the desk.
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About leather crafts

As mentioned above, the leather pad for this desk is not even with the main desk plate. If your desk is constructed as this one, then for the leather pad we need just the measurements. We will guide you through the process and discuss every detail. Of course in this case you have to glue the pad yourself.

In some cases the desk has a separate plate that is lower than the main desk plate and the leather pad must fit into the hole. In this case we need the whole desktop as we have no other way to get the exact measurements.

The desk pad on the photo has hand carved decorations that are made just for this desk. This is not any sort of limit – your desk pad will be carved accordingly what you like or what is suitable for your desk and interior. Of course this is not a must – desk pad can be made without any carvings and decorations as well.

We offer various beautiful colors to choose from.