Leather sword scabbard

Leather sword scabbard can be made by sword’s blade to get a perfect fit for it. All sorts of styles are possible – just ask for it! For decorations we offer hand carved images and beautiful colours.
Sword scabbard on the photos is in set with a shoulder strap that attaches to the scabbard at two points.

Order leather sword scabbard

For this sort of work we need the exact sword you would like to have a scabbard for. This is because we need to take several measurements and for a perfect fit this has to be done on the exact sword.
Your sword will be well taken care of at our workshop and no harm will come to it.

If the distance between us is greater (seven seas and seven lands perhaps even) and it wont be possible to meet, then the best option is to send the sword by post. Contact us for details.

  • Describe what sort of scabbard would you like and add as much as details as you can think of. You may add an image to this letter to provide better overview of your idea.
    When we have some information about it, we can ask more specific questions and provide better solutions how something you wish or like could be achieved.
  • What color would you like?
  • Would you also like some sort of hand carved decorations for your scabbard?
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    About leather crafts

    All our leather goods are hand crafted from start to finish.

    Vegetable tanned leather and other materials in our workshop

    Custom made leather goods

    Most of our crafts are custom made leather goods. This is why it is possible to offer such a wide variety of choices you may make by ordering something. There are no limitations for sizes or forms and all the hand carved images we offer for decoration, are also freely chosen by you.

    All our leather goods are hand made from start to finish. By working this way we are able to offer personalized and customized leather goods. As every individual is different, there surely is a need for individual solutions.

    To craft the leather item you have asked for, we of course need time to make it.
    We work by so called “live queue”, so “how long does it take to make it” it isn’t really the question. It is rather matter of the already booked orders and how long does it take to complete those first. Sometimes we have openings in the queue and it is better to ask for the possible time for your order if you need something by exact date.
    So as you can see, it is not possible to offer some sort of exact time here but in a very large scale you may take into account that it might be about two weeks.