Leather tool roll

Leather tool roll will be crafted by agreed measurements and in suitable size for your tools.
Tool roll is very effective for keeping your tools in shipshape order.
If you keep everything in it’s place, it is very easy to just roll up all your tools at once and when unrolling, you’ll have good overview of all of your tools while working.

This tool roll is made for some smaller tools. In this case the set up, style of the pockets is perfect. If you require a tool roll for some bigger tools or even sharper ones, then maybe it is worth considering a little bit different style – where te pockets are aligned only on one side and the tools will be covered with a leather flap.

Order leather tool roll

  • What kind of tool roll would you like for a what kind of a tools? You are welcome to attach an image of your tools.
  • What kind of style would you like? The kind you see on these photos on this page (pockets on both sides, facing each other) or the kind you can see on the knife rolls page (linked above) where the tools are covered with a flap?
  • This tool roll was made to be fastened by a leather strap. But we could also use small buckles or even bag locks for tool rolls. Let us know what would you like most.
  • Leather tool roll could also be made with a handle and even with a shoulder strap. Let us know if you have any such wishes for your roll.
  • What color would you like?
  • Would you like to have something carved onto the leather as a decoration?

Depending on the tools and other details you will let us know about, we’ll likely have more questions. Also, the exact measurements etc will be discussed when we have more information about your wishes.

Open form – write to us!

About leather crafts

All our leather goods are hand crafted from start to finish.