Leather tote bag

Capacious leather tote bag is a wonderful companion – best feature is that it isn’t pretentious at all.

Leather tote bag is suitable when you’re heading to the gymnasium to carry your toiletry and sportswear, bag is comfortable for a shopping trip and this bag won’t belittle your formal style if you choose to rope it in as your auxiliary.


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Let us know what features would you like for your tote:

  • In what size would you like your tote bag?
  • How many additional smaller pockets would you like?
  • Would you prefer lacing or seams?
  • What colour would you like for your leather tote bag?
  • Should we plan some sort of hand carved image or pattern onto the leather as a decoration?
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    About leather crafts

    Handmade out of full grain vegetable tanned leather

    Tote bag will be made out of full grain vegetable tanned leather. We cut out all pieces by hand so there are no limitations for shapes or sizes!

    Seams or lacing for the tote bag?

    Leather tote bag can be put together by seams or lacing – both are durable and strong options but provide different style in the end.

    About the tote’s handles

    On the photos you can see that there are also some rivets attached to the handles to give them more durability. Depending on the usage, the handles could be made so that they go over the bottom of the bag, that would make it even more stronger.

    More customization options for a tote bag

    Onto the sides of the tote (the foldable sides on the photos) could be attached the snaps. That would add the possibility to close them so they wont fall so easily open while there are less items in the bag.

    More pockets or separators could be attached to the inside of the bag. These could be removable or not. We would use snaps for removable pockets, similarly to the option you can see on the photos.

    Hand carved images as a decoration and colors

    For decoration we offer hand carved images, patterns, symbols and signs. That could be almost anything you can think of. If you don’t have any certain image on your mind, you can leave the decision to Wanakuramus.

    We have many beautiful colors available, you’ll surely find something to your liking! Tote bag will be also oiled, coated with special weatherproof smear and waxed.

    Vegetable tanned leather and other materials in our workshop

    Custom made leather goods

    Most of our crafts are custom made leather goods. This is why it is possible to offer such a wide variety of choices you may make by ordering something. There are no limitations for sizes or forms and all the hand carved images we offer for decoration, are also freely chosen by you.

    All our leather goods are hand made from start to finish. By working this way we are able to offer personalized and customized leather goods. As every individual is different, there surely is a need for individual solutions.

    To craft the leather item you have asked for, we of course need time to make it.
    We work by so called “live queue”, so “how long does it take to make it” it isn’t really the question. It is rather matter of the already booked orders and how long does it take to complete those first. Sometimes we have openings in the queue and it is better to ask for the possible time for your order if you need something by exact date.
    So as you can see, it is not possible to offer some sort of exact time here but in a very large scale you may take into account that it might be about two weeks.