Leather wrist cuffs

Hand crafted leather wrist cuffs, decorated by hand carved images.

These hand cuffs were crafted for a person who works in metal industry and he’s wrists get lot of damage from work. These cuffs are meant to protect the wrists and also act as a decorative accessories. We agree – why not make things functional and also great looking.

For wrist cuffs we need two measurements taken from the arm. First, the measurement around the wrist closest to the hand and then measurement taken from the arm at the point where the cuffs are supposed to end (this length between these two points is equal to the desired length for the wrist cuffs).

These cuffs will work best with buckles, because these allow most comfortable adjustment.

Order leather wrist cuffs

Wrist cuffs will be crafted by agreed design and measurements.
We will discuss all the details in following emails – here is a short list to get you started. You are welcome to add all other details you might have thought of.

  • Mark the measurements described above. Also the desired length for the wristcuffs.
  • What color would you like?
  • Would you also like some sort of hand carved decoration for the cuffs? If so, you are welcome to add some images or just describe your vision.
Open form – write to us!

About leather crafts

All our leather goods are hand crafted from start to finish and we use only vegetable tanned leather for our works.