Leather belt set for Santa Claus

Really fancy and detail rich belt or a belt set for Santa.

All the measurements for the set shall be agreed so the belt will be in a proper length and bag will have enough space for the items you wish to store in it. All hand carved details are always different and one of a kind, so every Santa may have really unique belt or set.


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For Santas belt or a belt set please let me know:

  • Do you have a suitable buckle for your belt?
    • If you do, then please mention the suitable width of the belt that fits your buckle.
    • If you do not, then I may ask for a custom made buckle from a jewellery artist. Please let me know if you are interested.
  • How long should the belt be? What is the waist circumference the belt should fit?
  • Would you like a belt bag? What should be the measurements for the bag?
  • What color would you like?
  • Have you already considered hand carved decorations for the belt (and the belt bag)? What would you like to see on it? You may provide some keywords so I could have a starting point for planning it.