Smaller and lighter leather briefcases

These leather briefcase suit you well if you don’t have very large items to carry along but you still would like to fit a laptop and files and folders in it.

There is enough room to fit in laptop, folders and additional accessories like charger, maybe even mouse and headphones.

This kind of a briefcase can be made with one large or two large pockets. In many cases we have also added some smaller inner pockets – this way there’s special place for smaller items like phone, keys and wallet.

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Order leather briefcase

For a briefcase we will agree on all the details in a future e-mails. so let us know what sort of briefcase would you like.

There is also a small list to get some important facts mentioned:

  • What should be the approximate measurements for your briefcase? You can decide that on the largest item you wish to fit in it.
  • How many additional separate pockets would you like?
  • Lacing or seams with a very strong waxed thread? Both are very durable and strong solutions.
  • Would you like to have a shoulder strap that can be attached by the carabines? What sort of locks would you prefer? Would you like a handle for your briefcase?
  • What colour would you like?
  • Should we plan some sort of hand carved image or pattern onto the leather as a decoration? (That could be almost anything you can imagine).
Open form – write to us!


About leather crafts

Smaller briefcase is as strong and durable as any bigger one

Do not underestimate these because of the name. As any other item here, these briefcases are made out of full grain vegetable tanned leather and sewn with extra strong waxed thread. We have followed same rules we have for all bags, when working on these – a proper bag can’t simply be weaker than it is possible to load it up. As our other briefcases – the one with many pockets and the capacious one – these smaller bags have been made to last and serve for many years to come.

Briefcases have a strong shoulder strap, attached level- headedly. Strap pulls the bag from sides – it attaches to the bag by metal carabines that meet riveted metal loops on bags sides. The strap is wide enough to not to hurt you while you’re carrying the full loaded briefcase on your shoulder. There is also an option to add a leather patch to the strap to make it more comfortable.


When ordering with us, you can choose your own size for your briefcase.
These breafcases are about 40cm wide and 30cm deep. To hold your laptop neatly in place there are several options – to include special inner pockets, adjust the side measurement so the laptop fits exactly into the place and won’t flap around in your bag – or, we could also use special straps inside the bag.