Belt sets with larger bag

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  • Capacious belt bag has two larger pockets and two narrow ones.
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    Festivals and workshops are part of handcrafters life and there are nothing that could replace a great belt set in these times. Handcrafter needs to keep hands free and tools near by.

    On following photos you may take a closer look at the belt set made for a woodcrafter – there are two quite capacious belt bags and hanging loops in this set. Leather is decorated by hand carved archaic wood and trees symbols.

    Of course we offer similar belt-sets for everyone else who has a need for it.

    Order similar leather belt set

    Send us a description of your desired belt set – mark everything you think of at the moment and we’ll sort out all the details later on.

    Here is also a small note for your convenience to get you started:

    • What is the waist measurement you wish the leather belt to be made for?
    • How wide should the belt be?
    • Would you like metal eyelets and / or belt loops for the belt?
    • Would you also like a belt bag or belt pouches, sheaths for your set?
    • What color would you like?
    • Should we plan some sort of carvings for decoration?


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