Leather neck wallets

Light small leather pouches that are most suitable for smaller items, every day necessities. We offer many beautiful colors and all pouches may be decorated by hand carved images – chosen by you!

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  • Leather neck wallet with horse imageLeather neck wallet with horse image
    From: 75

    Lightweight leather neck wallet – hand crafted out of vegetable tanned leather.

    Neck wallets are suitable for some smaller items – phone, keys, some money and documents. This bag has a separate side piece and this way it fits also larger bunches of keys well.

    Bag has one additional pocket inside the bag and one on the back side.

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  • Brown leather neck wallet with zippersLeather neck wallet with carved folk pattern
    From: 75

    Lightweight leather neck wallet with zippered pockets.

    Neck wallet has two pockets and narrow leather strap. Strap’s length may be adjusted a bit by metal buckle.
    Measurements for this bag are about 15cm x 19cm.

    To keep the neck wallet slim and light, it is made out of medium weight leather. Also, this bag does not have a separate piece on the side. So everything that gets to be put into the bag (is multi dimentional) and takes space from the bag’s wideness and length. Thus, this bag is not suitable for example – to carry apples. But it is absolutely perfect for money, cards and documents. Also smartphone and few keys are suitable content.

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