Leather watch straps

Dark brown leather watch strap

Watch strap will be hand made out of vegetable tanned leather. You can choose if you would like the new strap to be similar to the old one (style, color) or you could decide on completely different one.

Making a leather watch strap

The original buckle usually matches with the watch the best possible way – in size and in color. So it is great if you have the old strap with the buckle and we could make use of the buckle with the new watch strap.

If you don’t (the buckle is lost, broken or some other matter) then no worries – we will find suitable buckle for your watch strap.

Watches come in many various sizes on these days – in measurements and in weight. This is why we make watch straps as custom made orders and by the exact watch. In this way the strap will be suitable in every way, considering the weight, size and color of the watch.

So to get the best results you need to send us the exact watch you would like the strap to be made for.
For us this is already an everyday matter and we take good care of everything that has been trusted with us. So your watch will be in good hands.

Hand carved decorations for watch straps

Presuming the watch strap will not be very narrow, it is possible to add hand carved patterns as a decoration for the strap. There have been also requests for carved initials, signs, symbols. The more space there is, the more detailed the carvings can be.


Sewing is also done by hand in our workshop. We have some color variations of threads as well. For more uniform outcome we suggest matching thread color (black and dark brown usually do that) but sometimes we get very interesting styles by matching dark leather with lighter thread. You will find some examples amongst the photos provided besides our products above.