Carved leather belt

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Hand carved leather belt

This belt is carved from buckle to tip, For decoration you may choose almost any sort of image you like.

We have achieved most beautiful outcomes by using old belt patterns. All sorts of plant blossoms and leaves are possible and for wider belts (40-55mm) we offer also animal and bird images.

If you don’t have anything specific on your mind, you may leave the image question for us to decide. In this case please just offer few keywords so we have a starting point for your belt.

See more about crafting and materials used for leather goods

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About leather crafts

All our belts are handcrafted out of full grain thick vegetable tanned leather.
Measurements and style are made by your choices.
Belt will be completed with two belt loops (one attached right behind the buckle and other sliding loop).

We use strong, durable and nice looking metal buckles.

About crafting leather belts:

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Ordering leather goods

Our leather goods are handcrafted custom made goods and this is why it is possible to accept all sorts of wishes you might have. If the provided form doesn’t fit your dreams and you have more thoughts or questions, then you are most welcome to write to us:

Open form – write to us!