Leather bushcraft belt set

Leather bushcraft belt set on these photos consist in leather belt, different belt pouches and belt loops.

These photos give a very nice overview of what we can offer for your belt set. In this set there are two belt pouches in different sizes – made by customer’s wishes to fit necessary items. In addition there are multiple leather belt loops either with a metal D-loop or carabiner.

Order similar leather belt set

Send us a description of your desired belt set – mark everything you think of at the moment and we’ll sort out all the details later on.

Here is also a small note for your convenience to get you started:

  • What is the waist measurement you wish the leather belt to be made for?
  • How wide should the belt be?
  • Would you like metal eyelets and / or belt loops for the belt?
  • Would you also like a belt bag or belt pouches, sheaths for your set?
  • What color would you like?
  • Should we plan some sort of carvings for decoration?
Open form – write to us!

About leather crafts

For this kind of wonderful belt and bag set you may choose any sort of hand carved images or just enjoy the natural leather surface. We offer various colours and the whole set can be arranged and adjusted by your wishes and needs (measurements, pouches inside and outside, belt loops with D-ring or carabiners).

About crafting leather belts:

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