Leather collar

Hand crafted vegetable tanned leather collars for pets.

Leather collars with suitable metal buckle. For decoration we offer hand carved images. This could be also pet’s name and may be add a phone number of the owner, so if it goes for a longer walk the finder could easily get in touch.

Leather collars may be made heavier versions that are also suitable for walking strap and can tolerate stronger pulling but we also offer lighter collars that are more suitable as decorations (but with important information).

In addition o carvings and colors we also offer rivets that may be used as decorations.

We have no limitations for styles or measurements so you’re welcome to provide your own details for the collar.

Order leather collar

  • Describe us what sort of collar would you like?
  • Let us know how big is the animal and how do you plan to use the collar (just informational purpose or also walking the animal).
  • What is the circumference of the neck that the collar has to be suited for?
  • How wide should the collar be?
  • Would you like hand carved images as decorations for your strap?
Open form – write to us!

About leather crafts

All our leather goods are hand crafted from start to finish – so will be made your order.

Measurements, color and possible decorations will be made as we agree. You may ask for any sort of alteration for the style or other properties of the item. Most of our leather goods are made to order and this is what we want to offer.

Hand carved decorations are available for all leather items we make. You may choose the image or you may leave the decision for Wanakuramus. In this case just add some keywords for what would you like to see in the image so we have some sort of starting point.

We offer various beautiful colors – surely you will find your favorite.