Leather shoulder strap

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Hand crafted vegetable tanned leather straps for a shoulder bag.

These leather straps on this photo are made to order. The length of the shoulder strap may be adjusted by metal buckle and strap attaches to the bag by metal hooks. Straps also have a pad that helps to disperse the weight on the shoulder.

Style and measurements here are just for an example. You may order shoulder strap in any size or color, also with or without carvings. It is also possible to choose the color of the metal parts (we like brass but there is also silver and sometimes black colored parts available).

We also consider the weight the straps should carry – so should you. It might look pretty to have a narrow strap for your bag but how big is your bag and how much weight do you carry in it? This may be sometimes solved with double layered strap to improve the durability of the shoulder strap.
Double layered strap with seams (we do not just glue them) may be also desired for style.

Order leather shoulder strap

For ordering the strap, please let us know first what sort of strap are you looking for, so we may discuss all the details.

  • How wide should the shoulder strap be?
  • Should the strap’s length be adjustable by metal buckle or would you like the strap in certain legth?
  • How long should the strap be? For adjustable strap please name the distance (for example: 100-120cm)
  • Would you like the straps with pads for dispersing the weight?
  • Please describe the weight the straps should tolerate. This is not necessary if you have a really small bag but very important for bigger briefcases or shoulder bags.
  • What color would you like?
  • Would you like hand carved images as decorations for your strap?
Open form – write to us!

About leather crafts

All our leather goods are hand crafted from start to finish – so will be made your order.

When ordering the shoulder strap, please keep in mind that we can not adjust the color by some sort of color code. All our goods are hand dyed and the leather is always different (meaning, it is a natural material with special characteristics), so these sorts of straps may not be suitable for your bag if the materials differ or the color isn’t just right.

Sometimes we have smoother leather, sometimes the leather suitable for straps is with these nice looking curves on the surface. The shoulder straps on this photo are specially chosen to be made of the curvy surfaced leather. Also the way we dye the straps either amplify these curves or not. We either push the dye deeper into the pattern or keep it on top of it. So you might get smoother looking strap with the way it is dyed as well.

Measurements, color and possible decorations will be made as we agree. You may ask for any sort of alteration for the style or other properties of the item. Most of our leather goods are made to order and this is what we want to offer.

Hand carved decorations are available for all leather items we make. You may choose the image or you may leave the decision for Wanakuramus. In this case just add some keywords for what would you like to see in the image so we have some sort of starting point.

We offer various beautiful colors – surely you will find your favorite.