Leather covered sturdy boxes

These leather boxes provide nice and sturdy saving place for your mementos, photos, documents and other items.

For this sort of leather covered box we make a plywood box by provided measurements and then cover it with vegetable tanned leather. Boxes on these photos have decorations on their covers. The image is carved onto the thicker leather and glued onto the cover piece. Other parts are covered by thinner leather that is also glues to the plywood. In the end the plywood won’t be visible at all.

Lighter box could be done in a similar way by using grey board but this decision should be made by considering how much weight should the box be able to support.

In this case the plywood is 6mm thick, so it is sturdy, durable and provides great support for its contents. Also they won’t bend or break when something is put onto them (up to certain limit of course). These boxes are 33 x 22 cm wide/long and 6cm high.

Order leather covered boxes

Boxes will be crafted by agreed details and measurements, so please let us know about your wishes.

Here is also a small note to hopefully help you mark some details:

  • What should be the measurements for the box?
  • Would you like some hand carved images or motifs for your box? You are welcome to add some images to give better overview of your thoughts.
  • What color would you like?
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About leather crafts

All our leather goods are hand crafted from start to finish.