Leather covers for an antique chair

Once we were asked if we could make new leather chair covers. Old covers were decorated by pressing the pattern onto leather but our approach was to handcarve same pattern onto new covers.
So first job was to take photos of the old pattern and redraw it so we could transfer it onto leather before carving it.

First we will wet the leather, then we’ll trace the pattern through the calque and then we can cut the lines out. For the last step we will also mould the pattern so it will become spatial.

It is possible to apply leather dye different ways – this time it was agreed that the edges of carvings will be left lighter so the pattern would be more visible.

In time just oiled vegetable tanned leather will get a bit darkr tone so the obvious contrast won´t last but it still will differ from background.

Leather covers are made out of vegetable tanned leather, dyed with oil dye, oiled and coated with varnish that gives it a bit shine and a bit waterproof.

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