Various leather straps and sets

We have lots of encounters of customers sending us orders for straps. Then we agree on the measurements and we always do not even know hat for are those straps made for. But other times we understand perfectly.

If you wish to order leather straps, then you’re at the right spot. We offer them in any size, color and make. Sometimes it is as easy as just giving us some measurements and sometimes we need a bit more information so we may make them suited for the purpose.

Order leather straps

Let us know what sort of leather straps are you looking for and we will ask for additional information if we need it.

Open form – write to us!

Additional products for straps

Among these photos above you’ll find straps for a Roorkhee chair. We will be glad to offer you the whole set for your campaign chair, if you wish.

About leather crafts

All our leather goods are hand crafted from start to finish – so will be made your order.

For leather straps we use the sort of thickness of leather that would be best suited for the purpose. It is possible to make straps by the example provided by you or just following the measurements. This way we can offer straps for very heavy usage and also for just strapping up something small.

Leather strap often requires some sort of buckle. We have checked the market for available ones and made our choice by durability and also by the looks – so the buckles we use are strong but also look nice.

Measurements, color and possible decorations will be made as we agree. You may ask for any sort of alteration for the style or other properties of the item. Most of our leather goods are made to order and this is what we want to offer.

Hand carved decorations are available for all leather items we make. You may choose the image or you may leave the decision for Wanakuramus. In this case just add some keywords for what would you like to see in the image so we have some sort of starting point.

We offer various beautiful colors – surely you will find your favorite.