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Leather collars for pets

Leather collars for hairy- ones.

Collars can be decorated with hand carved patterns and in addition we could add a pet’s name, phone number of the owner (in case your hairy friend goes on a longer walk, so the one that finds it could contact you easily).

Leather collars for cats

Making a leather collar


You get to choose the buckle for your belt. The variety depends on the availability in the shops as we do not make buckles. The selection of course changes so we’ll check that together when we have received your order. What you have seen in our photos, that is not any sort of limitation.

We can also use your own buckle. But to make it fit well you need to send it to us. There are some measurements that must be taken from the exact buckle. You may send it by post.

Measurements of the collar

As we make everything by hand, there are no limitations for any sizes or measurements for the width or lenght of the collar. Usually the width of the strap is decided by the buckle but there are other options. For example the buckle for the bushcraft belt has been attached to separate straps that are sewn onto the wider part of the belt. So it is possible to make the collar also wider this way.

Order leather collar

In our workshop every item, every smallest detail, is handcrafted. For our crafts we use only full- grain vegetable tanned leather. Your ordered collar will also be made by hand and out of top quality leather.

Let us know about your wishes!

  • Tell us what kind of collar would you like?
  • Please let us know what is the neck circumference of the pet who will be wearing the collar?
  • How wide should the collar be?
  • What color would you like?
  • Would you like some sort of hand carved pattern or writing on the leather as a decoration?

Yellow and Green leather collar with a pattern, name and phone number, handmade
Collars with a phone number, pet´s name and a pattern

Let us know how can we contact you:

How can we help you? Ask a question or write us about your wishes:

Don’t worry, we respond to letters very quickly!

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